On July 16, 1965, a massive alien spacecraft from the Zeta Reticuli star system landed at a Nevada test site north of Las Vegas.  Following a plan set in motion by President Kennedy in 1962, the alien visitors known as the Ebens welcomed 12 astronaut-trained American military personnel aboard their craft for the 10 -month journey to their home planet, Serpo, 39 light years away. In November, 2005, former and current members of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) –- directed by Kennedy to organize the Serpo exchange program – came forward to reveal the history of the program, including details from the 3,000-page document recorded from the debriefing of the seven surviving members of the team who returned after 13 years on the alien planet in 1978

Working with the DIA originators of the Serpo project and the diary kept by the expedition’s  commanding officer, Len Kasten chronicles the complete journey of these cosmic pioneers, including their remarkable stories of life on an alien planet, superluminal space travel, and advanced knowledge of alien technologies. He reveals how the Ebens presented the United States with “The Yellow Book” -- a complete history of the galaxy and their civilization, recorded holographically, allowing the reader to view actual scenes from prehistory to the present. He  explains how the Ebens also gave us one of their scout craft to reverse-engineer and so to emulate their antigravity technology, an inestimable gift to help us solve our planetwide energy problems. This technology, still classified Top Secret, has allowed us to develop colonies on the Moon and Mars as early as 1962.


Exposing the truth of the human-alien interaction and interplanetary travel, Kasten reveals not only that the Ebens have returned to Earth 8 times, but also that our government continues to have an ongoing relationship with them, an incredible opportunity to advance the human race to a new level of technology that could potentially solve some of earth’s most perplexing scientific problems.